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  • Willam Marty, President
    Mgr. of Public Relations and Govt. Affairs, Coca Cola Indiana

  • Robert G. Elrod, Treasurer / Legal
    Counsel City of Indianapolis, City-County Council

  • David Frizzel, Secretary
    State Representative (R)

  • Barry Krauss
    U. of Alabama National Champs, Retired NFL Colts / Dolphins

  • Theodore Robinette

  • RP (Dick) Turner, National Director
    President Turner Marketing, Inc. (TMI)

    In Memorium
    No words are adequate to express the loss for those that no longer walk with us, we can but express our sympathies to their loved ones and our hope to share a better future. — Gary Walker

  • Myron Barnard, Vice President
    Retired Judge

  • Jerry Denbo
    Former State Representative (D)