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This program works like familiar rebate programs, but with some differences

  • You only have to sign up once to participate in the benefits offered by all participating merchants.
  • You choose how you get paid (by choosing to enroll in the corresponding program)
  • Your community also benefits (if you choose to help)
  • Increase your savings even more -- sign up your Families and Friends as supporters
  • Participation for families and supports is FREE

As you make purchases from participating merchants a portion of the price will be credited to your account. Rebates may work like rebates or coupons, or a percentage of purchase price. You simply choose which program is best for you and start saving when you make purchases you would make anyway.

Our goal is support local community educational needs through
  • Raising funds for families for higher education or vocational training
  • Raising funds for programs and equipment schools cannot otherwise afford
  • Pay off student loans
Administration costs are %15 or less for all programs -- This supports
  • Computers, networks, software development, etc.
  • Technical support
  • Administration and overhead
  • Marketing programs to business (making more ways to save)
  • Excess funds will be used to fund educational programs selected by the TMI board